6 Reasons Why Photography is Important

1. It lets you tell a story

Whether it is a true story or one left to the imagination, the full story or just a sliver of it, photographs provide a great medium for storytelling.


2. It freezes time

Time is a slippery thing, never staying in one place too long; sometimes you can catch up to it for a moment, but you can never capture it. Except, that is, in a photograph.


3. It gives you a new perspective

Taking photographs lets you see things in a new light, as if from different eyes.


4. You become the artist

Sure, you need a scene to photograph, but you create that scene. A tree can be bland and boring from the wrong angle, but from the right one, it is a thing of beauty.


5. It expresses emotions

Whether your own or someone else’s, photographs share people’s feelings.


6. It makes you feel good

Amidst the blurry photos and bad angles, a great shot will make you proud.


Photography is something that can be done anytime, anywhere (except maybe at art museums). It’s fun and provides you with memories you can cherish forever. Get out there – or stay in – and make something a masterpiece.

(all photographs by yours truly)

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